P2P file sharing currency

– Imagine a files are broken into standard block sizes (say 1MB)
– Imagine using the mechanism described below (mechanism for distributed redundant storage) to split files into pieces of this size.
– Imagine a well known server where you can buy tokens to download 1MB

These tokens can then be used like money to buy download blocks from other servers. These servers can choose to charge less, or more … depending on the value of the blocks of data they have.

Some amount of tokens could be charged for storage and/or other services as well. People could sell storage and download blocks (in exchange for tokens) on their own personal machines. They could then turn around and use these tokens to purchase download rights on someone else’s machine.

The tokens have value as they can always be redeemed at the ‘known’ server to download blocks.

The blocks have no obvious meaning. They only mean something when combined together in the right way. Some block might come from server A, some from server B, and so on. Only those that have a ‘link’ file (that gives block IDs and mixing matrix) know which blocks to get and how to combine them together.  This way, data is just data. Without this additional information it has no other meaning.


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